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West-East High Speed Flow Field Conference 2007
Moscow, November 19-22, 2007

Conference topics

1. Experiments in high speed flows
2. Real and chemically reacting gases
3. Wind tunnel nozzles
4. Validation in high speed flows
5. Turbulent and transient flows
6. Fluid-structure interaction
7. Heat transfer, aerothermal flows
8. Shocks, shock-shock interactions
9. Boundary layers, shock-boundary layer interactions
10. Propulsion physics. Airbreathing propulsion
11. Rotor and blade aerodynamics
12. Computational fluid dynamics
13. High performance parallel computing
14. System design and manned/unmanned vehicle concepts
15. Multidisciplinary optimization


1. Aeroacoustics. From physics to numerics and back
2. Meso, Micro and Nanotechnology in aerospace applications
3. Multiphysics Modeling, simulating and optimizing: from theory to aerospace engineering applications
4. Investigation of Civil Aircraft Technology in China
5. Research in Fluid-dynamics and Aircraft Design within the EU Framework Programme

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