Devoted to the
300th anniversary
of Leonard Euler
West-East High Speed Flow Field Conference 2007

Moscow, November 19-22, 2007


S1 Experiments in High Speed Flows, Wind Tunnel Nozzles

N.V. Semionov , Yu.G. Yermolaev, A.D. Kosinov
Some features of disturbances evolution and laminar-turbulent transition of a supersonic boundary layer on a swept wing
V. Borovoy, V. Mosharov, V.Radchenko, A.Noev
Three-dimensional interference of oblique shock with boundary and high-entropy layers and technique intended for investigation of such flows
A.P. Byrkin, V.P. Verhovsky, V.I. Plyashechnik
Gas dynamic design of profiled nozzles for the supersonic wind tunnels taking into account viscosity effects
A. M. Shevchenko, A. S. Shmakov, V. I. Zapryagaev
Experimental study of an unsteady flowfield in wing wake / shock interactions
V.A. Bityurin, A.N. Bocharov, D.S. Baranov, S.S. Bychkov, V.I.Alferov, A.V.Podmazov, A.V. Krasilnikov
Lessons Learned from Study of MHD Flow/Flight Control in High Speed Airflows
V.I. Alferov, A.S. Bushmin
The simulation in the wind tunnels of flows in supersonic chamber of Scramjet



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